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Wedding Cake Recipes
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Make your own cake with our easy to follow wedding cake recipes.

wedding cake recipes

Most brides will shudder at the thought of making their own wedding cake.

This is because we have a sterotyped view of a wedding cake made of multiple layers, oozing with rich fruit and alcohol and covered with a layer of marzipan and a topping of ornate frosting.

But how many of us truly love that kind of cake, or at least what it is made of?

Now we're talking about the type of cake you might make at home which means that yes you can make your own cake if you try.

Wedding Cake Ideas

  • Before you start thinking about making your own wedding cake, consider what shape you want. Round or square cake moulds are easy to buy in various sizes so keep it simple on shape unless you are an experienced cook.

  • Visit online stores to compare prices on cake supplies and also to see what, if any, cake decorations you want to use.

  • A really easy way to do it all yourself is to make one large cake for the top table then a stack of small individual cupcakes to serve to each guest.

  • If you are in a panic over how to make icing, just check out our wedding cake frosting recipe. Remember you can also "ice" your cupcakes to keep everything under one theme.

More Ideas for Small Wedding Cakes

Practice making small cakes at home before you finally decide what to make for the big day.

If you are feeling confident after the first few attempts, buy some triangular moulds and make a tiered cake with the triangles pointing at different angles.

Individualise cupcake wedding cakes by piping your guests initials on top of each one. Make the piping match the color of your overall wedding theme.

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How about a slice of tasty carrot cake?

carrot cake recipe
Photo by Stu Spivak

Coming soon: Easy recipes for banana cake, chocolate cake and ginger sponge cake

Great for making tiered cake with different flavors!

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Wedding cake recipes: Carrot cake | How to make icing
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