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Vintage Wedding Rings
For the perfect Celtic wedding

celtic wedding rings

Being Welsh, I thought about vintage wedding rings when I got married. Problem was, a hand-made Welsh gold ring cost a fortune and, as hubby had spent a lot on my engagement ring, I decided that we just couldn't justify the extra cost.

But Celtic rings have become so popular in the last ten years since I tied the knot, they are now available in kinds of styles and at varying different prices.

Celtic Wedding Rings

Here are a few interesting facts about the romantic Celts:

  • Wedding rings are worn on the third finger of the hand because of the Celts. Why? Because they believed that the tiny vein in the finger lead straight to the heart!

  • In the spirit of true romance, the distinctive Celtic knot is a symbol of longevity as it has no beginning or end.

  • On top of that, Celtic folklore and its rich history over 25 centuries across Europe has left the modern world with tales of fairytale romance, fine castles and strong men and women who fought bravely for their families and country.

  • Small wonder than that many brides fall in love with the idea of a full Celtic inspired wedding with a gorgeous Celtic wedding dress not to mention Celtic wedding bands.

But many vintage rings with intricate filigree detail (where a pattern is cut into the metal) are very expensive so how can you source cheap wedding rings with a vintage twist?

Cost of Celtic Wedding Rings

These rings are usually hand crafted wedding bands and, as a result, are far more expensive than a plain gold band.

The thicker the band and the more intricate the design, the higher the price. As a guide, starting prices for a narrow 4mm ring in the smallest size and in the cheapest metal, usually yellow gold, will cost at least $300 even in an online specialist store.

If you double the width of the ring and go for a larger size in platinum (which costs twice as much as yellow gold) then you can expect to pay up to $2000.

quatre foil band

But you can buy lovely Celtic rings like this one online for under $500. Plus you can customize it too.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Celtic Wedding Rings

  • Second-hand stores are a good starting point as they specialize in old-fashioned and vintage jewelry. Take care to inspect rings carefully especially if your chosen ring has diamonds within the design. It is important to check the casing around the diamond as old rings often have worn shafts and casings.

  • Take a look at the fabulous range of customizable Celtic jewellery at Gemvara.
  • Amazon are a surprising source for affordable wedding rings and have many celtic and vintage styles covering a wide range of price points from as little $39.99 for a cheap titanium celtic ring.

  • Then of course there is eBay but you do need to be a little more careful here. One off sales will often have no refund policy so it may be better to stick to full Ebay retailers rather than someone trying to raise some cash by selling the family heirlooms!

Beautiful Vintage Wedding Rings

unusual wedding rings
Photos by firemedic and the 5th ape

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