Wedding Flowers: Names of Flowers

Names of Flowers
Find the most popular flowers

Do you know the names of flowers you want to have at your wedding?

Unless you are a florist, a botanist or a very keen gardener, then you're probably like me when I got married - not knowing a gardenia from a geranium!

Most of us haven't a clue when it comes to flowers, whether it be what they are commonly called, what colors they come in or when they are in season. Especially if you're talking about more exotic flowers rather than common ones like roses or tulips.

And if you go to a florist with just a color scheme in mind then you're a ready target...for gorgeous but expensive wedding flowers.

Here we share with you some of the more popular wedding flowers and their special meaning in terms of the so called "language of flowers..." to help you get started before your florist blinds you with science! And don't worry, you will recognize some of them!

Wedding Flowers Pictures

tulip picture

A symbol of love.

White tulips mean " I am worthy of you" whilst red ones mean "I love you."

In season during spring.

daisy image

Daisies denote innocence so popular in the past for virgin brides.

Available virtually all year so good for inexpensive wedding flowers.

roses picture

Roses mean love and happiness and are hugely popular as they cover all seasons and come in over 3000 multi color varieties

But they vary hugely in price from cheapish hybrids to costly, sweet smelling garden roses.

Cala Lilies
calla lily picture

One of the most fashionable, delicate and expensive wedding flowers.

A spring bloom revered for it symbolizes "magnificent beauty"

orchid image

Another symbol of beauty, orchids are in season from spring to autumn but dependent on the variety.

Not cheap!

ranunculus picture

Excellent cheap alternative to highly popular and expensive peonies.

Colorful and versatile in both bouquets and centerpieces.

peony picture

Popular but expensive out of their short season.

Available only in May so take care not to order in the autumn!

gardenia picture

Extremely expensive but revered for their] sultry beauty.

Highly popular despite the price for their frgrance and simplicity.

dahlia image

Dahlias are popular autumn wedding flowers.

Colorful and relatively cheap, they are also a great garden flower so great for DIY!

hydrangea picture

Useful for blue and white themed weddings due to their changing hues.

Another autumn only yet inexpensive flower.

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