Bridal Bouquets: Make your own Bouquet

Make your own Bridal Bouquet
Clever brides save $000's!

Why Make a Wedding Bouquet?

Flowers are just SO expensive these days. Whilst a beautiful creation from a florist can look amazing, is it really worth spending all that money on fresh wedding flowers that only remain as a memory in a photograph?

Follow the latest fashion in bridal bouquets and KISS! (Keep it super simple).

You don't need to be a floral designer to wrap some simple ribbon or grasses around a couple of calla lilies or a few roses as modern wedding bouquets follow the principle of "less is more."

If you stick to using a single flower type, it is relatively easy to make a wedding bouquet. Just follow our guidelines below.

How to Make Wedding Bouquets

make your own bridal bouquet

  • First keep your bridal bouquet design simple and keep to one flower. Roses are good as they last a long time and can take rough handling by an amateur flower arranger.

  • Use around 30 stems for a small bouquet or up to 60 stems for a larger one, suitable for a taller person.

  • Prepare flowers by removing unwanted foliage and damaged petals. Cut the flowers at an angle underwater leaving the stems long until you have put your bouquet together.

  • Start to make your own bridal bouquet by putting 4 or 5 flowers together in a round shape.

  • Arrange the rest of the flowers around your dome shape using one hand to hold them in place and the other to add a stem at a time.

  • Tie the stems 8-9 cm below the flower heads using a rubber band or some tape. Make another tie around 5 cm from the end of the stems. Place in water until ready to wrap with ribbon.

  • Cut your stems to the desired length.

  • Make a handle for your bouquet by taking a length of ribbon (approximately three times the length of your stem), tuck in at the top below the flower heads and wrap in a spiral down the stem. When you reach the bottom, repeat the process back up the stem and tuck the end in at the top , securing it with a pin.

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