Centerpieces: Make Table Centerpieces

Make Table Centerpieces
And save lots of money!

make table centerpieces

It's easy to slash your wedding budget if you make table centerpieces yourself.

I made my own from glass jars and candles and decorated the jars with the same motifs I used on my DIY invitations. They looked perfect and glowed beautifully at our evening reception.

Just follow some of my tips and ideas below.

My personal favorites are herbs and fruit available from the garden or hunting around the neighbourhood - there is bound to be a keen gardener close by with something aromatic or juicy you can use for your wedding centerpieces.

Inexpensive Centerpieces

  • Before you start, check what size your tables will be - it's no good making large centerpieces that won't fit on an oblong table for example.

    Also consider what else needs to go on the table - are you putting favors next to candles and will there be jugs of water mixed with bottles of wine etc.

  • Next decide on what to put your centerpieces ON or IN.

    You can use colorful bags lined with waterproof paper for flowers or ceramic pots for herb and fruit displays.

    Or place candles on mirrors to reflect their light.

  • Don't let your wedding reception centerpieces DISTRACT the party guests.

    If they are too tall your guests won't be able to talk to one another and if they are full of strongly scented flowers they may irritate some people.

    Lilies, for example, have a wonderful smell but some people may be allergic to them.

  • Consider using your wedding favors as centerpiece displays - that kills two birds with one stone and saves more money!

More ideas for DIY table centerpieces

A simple glass jar with a colored or plain tealight can be enhanced by scattering some metallic hearts or rose petals around it.

Or put some small baskets filled with something yummy - maybe chocolates or even mints to freshen everyone's mouth after the wedding banquet.

Having a vegetable/fruit theme? Scatter some red hot chillies around your candles to liven things up!

Cheap wine glasses can look stunning filled with pebbles, colored foam and a single bloom placed inside.

Or take the stems cut off other flowers and place in small glasses alongside your single flower glass. Perfect for a white and green theme!

Having an Autumn Wedding?

cheap wedding centerpieces
A pumpkin could be the perfect CHEAP answer to make table centerpieces!

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