Wedding Planning: Insurance for Wedding

Insurance for Wedding
Make it part of your wedding budget

With the average wedding in the US costing upwards of $25,000, it's surprising how many couples don't even think about taking out insurance for wedding plans that go wrong.

Aside from the bride or groom changing their mind at the last minute, there are countless mishaps that could completely ruin a carefully planned wedding day.

Here's why it's key to protect what is a very valuable investment.

Wedding Event Insurance

Think you don't need wedding event insurance? Just look at the things that "could" go wrong:

  • The groom gets hurt a few days before on his stag night.

  • The caterer drops the cake!

  • The wedding car or limo suffers a mechanical breakdown.

  • Death in the family requires postponement of the wedding.

  • The best man loses the wedding bands.

  • The wedding reception venue goes bust and there's no time to find an alternative.

  • The flowers wilt as they have not been stored properly.

  • Wedding presents are stolen.

  • The photographer or florist is ill.

Types of Wedding Insurance Policy

There are 2 basic types of wedding insurance policy; those that offer wedding insurance liability for things like broken chairs at venues (drunken guests can cause lots of damage!), injuries for over-zealous party goers and damage to cars and/or personal property of guests on the wedding day or even an injury to the bride or groom.

Then there is wedding cancellation or postponement insurance which, given the many things that could go wrong, is pretty essential for peace of mind. Just think of the losses that would otherwise be incurred through non-refundable deposits on the venue and wedding flowers to name just a few!

Tips for Wedding Liability Insurance

While a wedding liability insurance policy will cover you for things that go wrong caused by accidents or other people not doing what they should do, careful planning can be the best form of insurance in the first place.

When negotiating prices for instance, always write down everything discussed and make sure there is a signed contract from every wedding supplier whether it be for flowers, cars or the church/wedding venue. If it's written down, then there is no ambiguity over what might have been promised following a verbal-only agreement.

Make sure that times, dates, specific details and most importantly the COSTS are documented accurately; that way no supplier can claim that they misunderstood what was required. The same applies, by the way, if you are going to use a wedding planner; they cost a lot of money so be sure to have all the details well documented!

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