Bridal Showers: Free Bridal Shower Games

Free Bridal Shower Games
Get the Party going!

Break the ice at your wedding shower with our free bridal shower games.

bridal shower games

Whilst a bridal shower is steeped in tradition and etiquette is all important, that doesn't mean a wedding party for the girls has to be stuffy.

At the same time, making guests play party games when they really don't want to can be embarrassing, especially if those party games are a little risque!

Bridal Shower Game Ideas

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Here's a fun ice-breaker which is sure to get everyone smiling!

What's in YOUR purse Bridal shower game

Split the guests into teams of 2-4 people. Using the lists below, each team has 10 minutes to find the items in their purses - if they find more than one item, it only counts once. The team with the most points wins.
  • 1 Point items: driver's licence, lipgloss, pen, credit card, keys, comb/brush

  • 3 point items: gum, mints, chocolate, receipt, nickel coin, mobile phone

  • 5 point items: nail file, tampon, sunglasses, business card, notepad, mirror, ziplock bag

  • 7 point items: hair clips, kleenex, hand sanitizer, band aid, perfume, hair clip/band

  • 10 point items: kid's toy, ipod, umbrella, $100 bill, Q tip, deodorant, tweezer

  • 15 point items: book, condom, postage stamp, sewing kit, nose spray, library card

  • 20 point items: panties, socks, spoon, rock, passport, diaper, ear plugs, jar baby food

  • 25 point items: mace/pepper spray, hand gun, social security card, vibrator

Feel free to change or add to items on the list to suit the guests at the bridal shower.

More Bridal Shower Party Ideas

Who am I Bridal shower game

As guests arrive, pin the name of a famous person on their back. As they move around the party, they can ask other guests questions about which famous person they are, but answers have to stick to "yes" or "no" only.

Give a prize to the first person who guesses their identity.

Still Stuck for Shower Game Ideas?

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Best Bridal Shower Games

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25 Printable Bridal Shower Games and Complete Bridal Shower Planning Kit.

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