Wedding Accessories: Cheap Wedding Veils

Cheap Wedding Veils
Which bridal veil do I choose?

cheap wedding veils

Like all other bridal accessories, there are cheap wedding veils and very expensive ones too.

I didn't bother with a veil when I got married, partly as I didn't really like them, I was pushed for time and crossed that particular accessory off my list as a nice-to-have, but mainly as I wanted to show off my strapless dress and sparkling tiara without a piece of net curtain blowing in my face - well that's how I saw them at the time anyway!

I guess it comes down to personal preference, but as traditionalists love veils, if you've decided to wear one, here's some advice on choosing a veil.

Why wear a wedding veil?

  • Tradition says it is bad luck for the groom to see his bride before she says "I do" so a veil is worn to hide the bride's face.

  • While veils are commonly worn by women in cultures where the woman plays a role of pure subordination, western brides like to wear a veil to keep with wedding tradition.

    In Roman times, brides wore long red veils made of thick material which completely shrouded the bride from head to foot but today veils are made of delicate material or lace and enhance a woman's beauty.

  • If the groom lifts her veil it's supposed to show his dominance, whereas the independent bride would rather lift up her own veil.

  • If you do choose to wear a veil, don't rush into buying one as it must fit both with the style of your dress and with your hairstyle.

Cheap Bridal Veils

long wedding veils

Short veils are the cheapest as they have less material and start from around $25 from discount online wedding accessory stores.

Long flowing veils do look gorgeous but they can cost anything up to $250 or more and often suit taller brides better, unless of course you know where to buy veils at wholesale prices like this fab cathedral veil costing just $19.99.

Remember that a veil with a long train, say 3.5 feet, will only suit a dress which also has a long train.

NEW - See this fabulous collection of affordable wedding veils from our trusted wholesale wedding dress supplier. Prices from under $10 :)

Choosing a Wedding Veil

The two most important factors are matching the veil to your dress and your hairstyle. Consider whether you will wear a tiara or other headpiece underneath the veil and how well this will fit with your style of hair. Talk to your hairdresser beforehand and experiment with different head pieces before buying your wedding veil.

The main types of bridal veil are as follows:

  • Short veils - either shoulder or elbow length. These are good options for a more casual style of wedding as the veils are usually taken off after the wedding ceremony. They are also very cheap!

  • Fingertip veils - these are the most popular as they suit most styles of dress and don't look too formal.

  • Long Waltz veil - great for dresses without a train but where the bride wants to wear a long veil which just touches the floor.

  • Cathedral or Chapel veils - these extend along the aisle as the bride walks into the church but only suit dresses with equally long trains.
    NB: while longer veils have more fabric and can cost a fortune, there are some cheap cathedral veils available online if you go the wholesale route - just see the amazing reviews here.

  • A popular Spanish inspired option is the Mantilla veil made with lace edging, which can vary in length and add an ethnic touch to any wedding dress.

Short veils suit almost every bride and are inexpensive too - see a complete range of fabulous affordable wedding veils here

cheap bridal veils
Photos by Aprillynn and Jeremy Barwick

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