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Cheap Wedding Photographers
Tips to cut your photography budget

Great quality wedding pictures and cheap wedding photographers are not a perfect match like you and your fiancé right?

wedding photography

Not when it comes to using a professional wedding photographer anyway.

You will be hard pushed to find even cheap wedding photographers for much under $1000 these days.

But photography IS an area where you can costs. You just need to consider all the options.

  • If you are considering using a professional photographer, first check out what is included in your wedding photography package.

    How many photos will you receive? How much do additional photos cost? How long will the photgrapher spend at your wedding both before and after the ceremony?

  • Don't be afraid to ask for a breakdown of the individual wedding package costs.

    The album, for instance, is usually an expensive add-on (and profit earner!) for the photographer.

    Ask to omit the album and get a copy of the photos on a disc instead. Then you can choose your own photos and also have cheap copies to give your friends/family afterwards.

  • Most photographers will charge more to give you a wedding disc as they will lose out on any business from reprints so again ask for a price with and without the disc.

  • Whether you are considering to use a professional photographer or not, get some wedding photographer independent advice. It might just save you some money.

  • You can also save money by just booking a photographer to take some "official" photographs either before or after the wedding eg. just you and your fiancé plus close family/friends.

    On the big day, just opt for friends taking lots of digital photographs and choose the best ones to print. Or, forget what can be expensive printing costs and instead, create beautiful wedding scrapbooks or even slideshows in just minutes! That way, you can share all your digital images with everyone at the wedding and also friends and family that couldn't make it.

  • Another option is to consider budding amateur cheap wedding photographers amongst your friends and family.

    NB: Make sure they DO know what they are doing before you go for this cheap option. Whilst many of us think we can take good photos, it is actually very difficult to capture the exact right moment and get everyone to stand still at the appropriate time.

    Especially difficult is so called reportage wedding photography (as shown in the photo above) which demands flair and "just in time" picture taking before the special moment has passed.

If you do decide to cut costs to a mimimum and get friends and family to take all your wedding pictures make sure you read our wedding photography tips first.

Whilst amateur photographs are not usually as good, with the right preparation they can be a pretty good substitute and will save $'000's!

And if you use neat little tools like Smilebox (it's free!) you can create a fun professional looking album online in minutes and share your photos, videos, and music inside amazing ecards and slideshows with all your friends and family just as quickly!

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Cheap Wedding Photography Tips

  • If your photographer insists on providing all reprints after the ceremony, choose the smallest size available.

    The photographer will have taken the pictures in high resolution digital format to be able to enlarge to any size so all you need to do is go along to a photo printing house and order prints in the larger sizes you want.

  • For wedding party fun shots, put a cheap disposable camera on each table and get everyone to use their cameras!

    You will be amazed at the quality of these "throw away" pictures and some may turn out to be better than any "official" photos.

  • For unique wedding pictures, ask your photographer(s) to take some fun shots using props/accessories that might just be lying around.

reportage photography
I just got married. I must be crazy...in love!

For more photography tips see our related pages below.

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