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Save Money - Get Married Abroad

cheap destination weddings

How can cheap destination weddings cost LESS than getting married nearer to home, I hear you ask?

Believe it or not you can literally save THOUSANDS of $$$'s on your wedding this way.

More and more couples are opting for a wedding abroad or a specific destination within their own country as opposed to a local wedding.

Here are my tips on why getting married abroad can be MUCH cheaper:

Cheap Weddings and Honeymoons Abroad

  • First your guest list will be MUCH smaller as only close family and friends are normally invited. Only the people who love you most will take the time and money to travel abroad.

    And who really cares about your second cousin you haven't seen in 20 years anyway?

  • Second, you will save money on a romantic honeymoon as you will already be in the resort/destination of your choice!

  • Forget about all those small accessories you might spend $1000's on if the wedding was at home. You don't need to impress your closest friends/relatives.

    They will be more than pleased anyway as it's customary for the bride/groom to pay for the accommodation whilst the guests pay for their flights.

  • Flowers can be kept simple and you won't always need an expensive wedding car if getting married at the resort itself.

    The best overseas wedding destinations are totally geared up for marriages and, with stiff competition, will be willing to throw in lots of extras to get your business. Don't be afraid to ask for them!

  • Best destination weddings are often held in special wedding resorts making it pretty stress-free for the bride and groom.

    Virtually everything is included in the wedding package price so all you really need to do is turn up! (with a dress and some rings of course...)

But what about my guests I hear you ask?

Won't they feel pressurized and maybe even embarrassed by having to pay extra to travel abroad to cheap destination weddings, especially if money is tight?

Well not necessarily because...

Guests like destination weddings too!

First you can tell your guests that their wedding gift to you is their flight or train ticket to the wedding.

Many couples get married after having lived together for a while these days so don't need the traditional wedding gifts that young couples might need to set up home.

As many destination weddings are effectively long weekends, it is also a good excuse for your guests to have a getaway break so they will thank you for asking them!

A wedding abroad gives opportunities to add something special

wedding cruise
...like a Sunset Wedding Cruise

Best Destination Weddings

Need some ideas on where to have your overseas wedding?

Top destination weddings choices are:

  • Seychelles
  • Maldives
  • Caribbean islands like Antigua or Anguilla
  • Las Vegas
  • Florida
  • Cyprus - small island in the Mediterranean popular with British couples
  • Mexico
  • South Africa
  • Puerto Rico

The list of overseas wedding destinations is virtually endless, limited only by your imagination and how much or little you want to spend on your wedding!

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