Invitations: Budget Wedding Invitations

Budget Wedding Invitations
Simple and Modern, No DIY required!

Find alternative ideas for budget wedding invitations making the cost not much more than a round of drinks.

cheap wedding invitations

Almost the first thing you do when planning a wedding is to think about sending out invites. And that's when you have a heart attack!

While one of the cheapest ways to cut your wedding costs is to make your own invitations, if your budget is really really tight and you're hopeless at anything to do with crafts, this page gives you some alternative options for low cost budget wedding invites.

Cheap Wedding Invites

Some of these suggestions may seem a little unconventional, but we live in a modern fast-paced world, and although Aunt Gladys may be disappointed not to receive a beautiful printed invitation, she will understand that some people just can't afford many of the nice-to-haves on their wedding day. That, of course, doesn't make your day any less special!

Consider these budget wedding invitations alternatives:

  • Set up a facebook page for your wedding - it's FREE, like a business page - add some photos of how you met and send invites to everyone on your list via FB. Anyone who is NOT on Facebook, either persuade them to join OR, if they don't have access to a PC, send a handwritten notelet with a personal invitation (perfect for Aunt Gladys!)

  • Buy some simple wedding invite notelets from a large stationers and hand-write your invitations. A pack of 25 notelets will cost just a few pounds or dollars; the postage (second-class of course to save money) will almost certainly be more.

  • As postage is a cost you can easily do without, why not E-MAIL your invitations. Create a template using one of the many free printable wedding invitation templates available online, fill in the details, and then e-mail a copy to everyone on your list.

  • Make a video inviting people to your wedding and post it on You Tube. You can either shoot it on your digital camera and then upload it or be more creative with a video recorder.

Very Cheap Wedding Invitations

If you are tempted to have a go at making your own very cheap wedding invitations, keep it simple and get ideas from online wedding stationers like Wedding Paper Divas - they have hundreds of different designs and, although even their cheapest invites cost over $1.39 a piece, it's a great way to get inspiration for your own ideas.

If you buy some A4 card, make your design really small and simple, you can then cut it in half and then in half again to get postcard size invites which pop nicely into a small envelope - yet more money saved!

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