Cheap Wedding Rings: Affordable Wedding Rings

Affordable Wedding Rings
Where to find cheap wedding rings

affordable wedding rings

Need ideas for affordable wedding rings?

Have you scoured the high street, shopped till you dropped (fell asleep!) online and still can't find the wedding ring of your dreams?

Here are some tips:

Where to Find Cheap Wedding Rings

  • Antique stores. Old fashioned and vintage style rings can be found by hunting around antique shops. You do need to be careful to get the ring checked for weight and authenticity but there are some bargains to be had.

  • Pawnbroker shops. You may think that sounds gross, but many people have been forced to part with much loved and often very expensive jewelry to make ends meet.

    Whilst the pawnbroker will be making a profit, the price will be vastly cheaper than what you can buy on the highstreet.

  • Second hand jewelry stores. Don't be put off by the thought of wearing someone else's ring. Many rings sold by second hand stores are cancelled orders so they can be nearly new. And even the rings that were former family heirlooms have been buffed and polished plus worn parts of the ring are built up so the ring looks as good as new.

    You will be able to pick up a ring of far greater quality by buying second hand and often, real "finds" can be made if looking for unique alternative wedding rings.

Discount Wedding Rings

Whilst you don't often find clearance wedding ring bargains on the high street, online stores can offer big discounts.

The larger online stores have a large stockholding which they periodically clear out so if you are not especially bothered about the style of ring, then take a look at online clearance sales.

Then there is of course eBay. You will find plenty of bargains for sale here though take care as you may have no comeback if the size is wrong.

Don't forget that if you find a bargain discount ring in the wrong size, it can always be made smaller or larger.

Finally, if you prefer to buy rings in a store, avoid the jewelry chain stores and go to independent jewelry stores instead. They will be able to offer better quality and often have second hand sections too so you can compare both new versus old.

Simple plain rings keep costs down!

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