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A Cheap Wedding does not Exist! Right?

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Anyone can plan a cheap wedding and by that I mean the most fantastic GREAT VALUE day of your life. Forget cheap and tacky and think affordable fun - after all, getting married should be a HAPPY occasion and that includes the planning!

If you haven't a clue where to start organising a great value wedding, then relax as I set up this website to be your home for great wedding tips and tricks to save you money.

It's full of FREE advice on every aspect of wedding planning to save you a fortune.

helen smeaton The Editor!

If you're wondering who is behind this website, let me introduce myself.

My name is Helen and I planned my wedding in under 3 months. It cost just under $7,000 and my husband Al and I loved every minute of it! Can't you just tell from our big grins in the picture above?

It could have cost a lot less, but we were under a bit of pressure time-wise as Al's parents were getting older and we really wanted to share our the happiest day of our lives with them before it was too late. Sadly, Al's dad passed away just 6 months later, but we were so happy he was there to enjoy our special day with us.

Planning a Wedding

Luckily, I'm a pretty good organiser so planning our big day, even on a tight schedule, came easy to me. But if you're not...here are a few do's and don'ts:

  • You DON'T need to hire an expensive, professional planner even if you're a stress monster and have no idea where to start.

  • You DON'T need to spend a fortune trying to make every last detail "perfect".

  • You DO need great ideas to manage certain bits of your big day yourself, like making wedding invitations, personalised favors or even creating your own flower arrangements using a simple step by step guide.

  • You DO need to know the best way to use friends and relatives to help take the stress out of planning and also when to use the expertise of others - for instance, I was completely useless at flower arranging, but Al's mum had a friend who was the church flower display expert.

  • And you DO need to use as many tips and tricks as possible to have the most beautiful day of your life without a debt hanging round your neck afterwards.

So what are you going to find on this site?

Well, I've tried to share every piece of information I think is useful to lower your wedding costs, things like:
  • buying or even making inexpensive wedding cakes,

  • finding low cost wedding flowers at amazing wholesale prices,

  • where to buy custom made wedding dresses at amazing low prices, up to 80% off,

  • where to buy beautiful beach wedding dresses from just $79,

  • Or equally gorgeous plus size wedding gowns at discount prices,

  • making very cheap wedding invitations; I made all my own and it was a) great fun, and b) hardly cost a thing.

There are also:

  • ideas for buying budget priced wedding shoes,

  • low cost bridal shower ideas, including free bridal shower games; I didn't have time for a bridal shower - I just had a champagne breakfast for my girlfriends on the morning of the wedding - but hey, that could be a way for you too to lower the costs!

  • best destinations if you are planning to get married overseas,

  • plus tons of cost saving ideas on anything to do with getting married like ideas for inexpensive centerpieces and suggestions for budget friendly bridal lingerie.

Follow my tips and you will look and feel like a million dollars on your wedding day and only YOU will know how much it really cost.

The site is constantly growing and is also interactive allowing you to share your own tips and ideas and ask that all important question that I don't have an answer for on the site yet!

So why not bookmark my site now and make it your one stop shop for all your bridal planning needs - it'll be your very own cheap wedding secret!

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